Thursday, December 17, 2009

Projects on "To-Do List"

I FINALLY finished Nato’s Aunt Donna’s dress…although it took me over year to complete due to some minor complications. I still need to get this dress to her so I can start on her second dress.


I'm SO behind on sewing/quilting projects that it has SERIOUSLY ceased to be humorous…

I need to finish these project…though not necessarily in this order: (Bold for "finished", italicized for "in progress").

1. Quilt Henry’s quilt, now that he’s finally gotten back to me about prospective quilting designs.

2. Finish Cindy’s 2nd quilt…I finished the 1st one ages ago.

3. Finish Papa’s(my mom’s dad) quilted placemats…

4. Make Jewell’s PSP cover.

5. Find & use 2 missing pattern pieces needed to finish Alex’s bunny.

6. Make my baby girl a quilt; make patches for her quilt during break times.

7. Finish Nato’s quilt(I finished the Tetris front….still need to do the NES controller back)

8. Make plastic canvas Hatchetman Coaster for Dave.

9. Finish Meme’s quilt(it’s Meme & Papa’s anniversary present…Groundhog’s Day)

10. Make my godson, RyJa’s husky puppy quilt

11. Make my matron-of-honor dress for Cara’s wedding(June 26th, 2010)

12. Finish my quilts

13. Quilt Tobi’s 2 bumpers & pack away

14. Make everyone’s stockings

15. Make Seven Brides for Seven Brothers skirt & shirt

16. Make a corset

17. Adjust Cat pajamas to smaller size

18. Finish sun-blocker fan

19. Finish embroidering Cara’s family crest

20. Make Dad & Dan’s denim hats.

21. Finish Robin’s pincushion

22. Finish quilting Seth's Cars quilt

23. Finish Butch's plastic canvas Invader Zim wall hangings

24. Finish repairing Dan's quilt

25. Make Butch's quilt

I think that’s all for now…I’ll add & edit as need be.

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