Thursday, June 14, 2012

Orphans finding homes...

I'm frequently e-mailed a newsletter from Hummingbird Highway (ScrapTherapy) and this time they intrigued me with one of their subjects...Finding homes for Orphans....blocks that is...

Here are the guidelines:

Guideline number 1. Start small. It's summer after all, and nobody wants to fling a king sized quilt around their sewing table. Start with one something. One block, One collection of four-patches, one . . . ?

Guideline number 2. Whatever becomes your inspiration or 'orphan' block must have at least one seam sewn. Examples: a half-square triangle unit, a four-patch, a completed block or a partially completed block. You can start with more than one of any of these, but whatever 'it' is has to have come out of your stash with at least one seam already sewn. Exception: if you really don't have any orphan blocks, make something from your scraps, a four-patch for example - the key is to start with something you already have. Adding new fabrics is allowed! Using stash or scraps, even better!

Guideline number 3. Make it fun! Start any time. Nobody needs stress in the summer. No one is supervising you. There will be no quiz at the end of the summer. If you don't make any progress one week or another, that's fine. This is a guilt-erasing, not guilt-creating challenge. Even if you make one new thing from one abandoned quilt block, that's one more than you had before summer started!

Guideline number 4. Share. Send pictures before you start sewing. And keep us posted on your progress. And I'll post pictures of what's happening on my end. It has been said that one of the tricks to accomplishing goals is to share them.  

After I get farther on my to-do list (as in, get some projects actually finished), I plan on doing this!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's SO quiet!!!!!!!!!!

My mom decided she wanted the kids for the weekend, so I dropped them off @ Grammy's house earlier today and she'll be dropping them off on Sunday, and we'll be finishing out the weekend with a BBQ!!

Anyways, just read CrazyMomQuilt's blog today and she suggested we post up about how much we got done during the small project sew here goes...

Here's my updated list:(Green=Finished--Purple=In Progress)

  1. Safari baby rag quilt--Needs batting
  2. Textile Eeyore Softie-(Cara)--FINISHED
  3. Buttoned front, tied back quilt-(Topie)--Needs to be bound
  4. Girly Camo Bunnies w/ parasols quilt-(Jem)--Needs name letters
  5. Cousin's goddaughter's lightweight quilt-(Allyss)--FINISHED
  6. Doll quilt-(Allis)--1/3 done hand-quilting
  7. Re-size scrappy quilt-(Logan)--Need to rip free-motion quilting
  8. Porky Pig backed boy quilt-(Xander)--Cut backing down to size with enough left for matching pillow case
  9. Flannel circles, denim squares quilt-(Dru)--Got 5 blocks out of 42 done
  10. Denim Picnic quilt-(Us, for the kids on park days)
  11. Bruised Bento Box(Purple & Black)-(Doug)
  12. Rag Denim Wood Tones-(Tim & Tasha)--Need more denim blocks cut
  13. Baby #3 quilt-(Our baby is due beginning of August...won't know gender until baby is here...)--Waiting until baby gets here to make a unique quilt

While the kids are gone, in addition to getting the rest of our boxes unpacked and organizing the stuff, I'm hoping to get in some much coveted uninterrupted sewing time!!