Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My 1950s NewHome sewing machine & cabinet

This is my sewing machine that Grandpa Butch & Grandma Jaye gave to me. I got it on Sunday night, and after Tony & Robin brought it into the house for me, I dusted it and polished it w/ OrangeGlo/clean spray. Yesterday afternoon, I oiled the machine according to it's manual. It seems to run great!

I LOVE it!!

The pics uploaded backwards though, so they should be viewed from the bottom of this post to the top.


  1. I am planning on going to look at the same version of this machine over the weekend. How do you like the machine? I know the controler is with the machine, but I'm not sure anything else is except a bobbin. Do you feel I can find parts?

    1. BitOfAGypsy,
      I LOVE this machine! I haven't had any need to replace parts other than the bobbin winding wheel, which a friend bought for me at her sewing machine repair shop. Everything else is original.

  2. OH MY GOSH! I have this EXACT machine and cabinet... everything is exact right down to the leg control, and the spinning bobbin holder. In addition to the Button Kit, I also have the "ruffler" kit.

    I was looking online today for a possible price (to sell mine), and came across your post. Wow... I wonder if your poster, "Bit of a Gypsy" is still looking ?!?

    Thanks for the HUGE smiles here! Oh, I think my mom purchased this machine in Wisconsin. You too?

    Becky (becali9@yahoo.com)

  3. I have this machine too. I got it from my grandmother. My cabinet is a little different from yours. Mine looks like a table and the whole top flips to the left side. Isn't it amazing how the old machines really hold up compared to newer ones.