Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Round Robin run around...

A couple of weeks ago, I joined

There, I met two awesome women, Cari & Dee. We've been talking about different quilting methods & different kinds of quilt blocks. We were all trying to figure out an easier way to communicate between the 3 of us w/o anyone being left out.

We are all on Facebook, so Cari made the group "Quilter's Anonymous". She had meant it to be "Quilters Anonymous". The three of us are members.

So, Dee jokingly suggested that "we all make a quilt named 'Anonymous' and then we'll look really cool instead of not quite literate".

I took her seriously and asked her what size blocks we were making...and it quickly escalated from there!

So, we are making a wall hanging/small quilt (each member can choose for herself) measuring 36" x 48".

We were thinking theme color green, doesn’t have to be all green, just some green in each block.

Finished block to be 12”…so cut at 12.5”. 3 blocks wide and 4 blocks down.

We each make 12 blocks that are of our choosing, each of us makes a different type of block than the other 2 members, but we don’t share our choice.
Then we keep 4, and mail 4 each to the other 2 members. We will find out what they are when they are mailed to us.

Then we assemble how we please, back & binding of our choice. Then e-mail pics of our finished project to each other.

It is gonna be AWESOME!!!

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