Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey, hey, good lookin'! Whatcha' got quiltin'?

I've managed to do a few more QA blocks over the last few days.
Now all I have left is 1 for Dee, 2 for Cari, and 1 for me.

I have unintentionally taken a break from Nick's quilt, but hope to work on it some soon.

Last weekend I went to my mom's to visit and I brought Cindy's and Henry's quilts w/ me to deliver them, FINALLY!!

Well, we stopped by Cindy's house, but I guess she's living w/ her boyfriend now, and we couldn't find his house, so she'll be getting her quilts next time I'm over there...

I dropped by Henry's house and delivered his quilt, alas, he wasn't home. However, his sister put the quilt in his room and he opened it when he got home. We stopped by the next day & checked to see if he loved his quilt, which of course, he did.

His mom loved it too, and wants to buy one from me.

By Sunday night, I need to finish my QA blocks, as to get them in the mail on Monday!!

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  1. Hi there. I've just found your blog and become a "FOLLOWER"....I'm a fellow quilter and love every minute of the process. Hope you can visit my blog sometime.