Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!!

Hey there, y'all!!
(Hehehe...I said y'all...)

Today is my 21st b-day!!!

I'm making it my own personal sew-in day, as my hubby has it off & is gonna watch our kids all day for me.

I REALLY need to catch up...

I took a break from my bloomers as they had been aggravating me, and as a result, I'm almost done w/ my corset.

I really need to get started on the actual "costume" part of my costume.

I am also hoping to get Nato's 2nd anniversary quilt sandwiched, quilted, and tied tomorrow... (Is that wishful thinking?)

I have yet to start on Tobi's costume, but hopefully over the next few days Nato has off I'll be able to make good leeway on both Tobi's & my costumes.

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