Thursday, March 24, 2011

A constant frustration...

Monday we were supposed to go to town early, get everything taken care of, and be back in the afternoon, so we could get to work on the craft room...

Instead, the plans got pushed until 3pm due to an unforeseen appt., and we ended up not getting home until almost 9pm.

We FINALLY got some work done in there on Tuesday night, and we were supposed to work in there more on Wednesday after my hubby got home, but with another unforeseen happening (a visitor I didn't know was coming to visit), we didn't work in there @ all yesterday!!

I was promised that today when he gets off work, after the babies get all settled & put to bed, that we'll work in that room more, but we'll see, as the kids usually don't go to sleep until at least 10-11pm!!

I physically CAN go do most of it myself, but we are to the organizing stage yet...we're still going through the boxes upon boxes of random crap I've accumulated in my 21 years!!

I know what'll happen if I don't have my hubby here pushing me...I'll just throw everything in random empty boxes to get it out of my way, & not actually go through anything.
Just cause that's what would be easiest for me.

So, PLEASE wish me luck & send good thoughts my way...I'm know I'll need it!!

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