Friday, March 23, 2012

Multi-generational gap is NO MORE!!

Wednesday afternoon, I drove 65 miles (which took approx. 2 hours) from Tulare, CA up to Miramonte, CA.

My dad, step-mom, and paternal grandparents live on a 160-acre ranch up there.

My paternal grandma has always been a quilter, and every Thursday she, my great aunt (Grandma's sister), my cousin, my aunt, and my step-mom meet up and sew, baste quilts, hand quilt, paint quilt blocks with Aunt Martha's paint pens, and visit.

I was lucky enough to have Wednesday and Thursday free (cause hubby was off work and watched the kids for me)...anyways, drove up to my dad's place Wednesday afternoon/evening and spent the night there.

Then on Thursday morning my step-mom & I met up with my grandma, great aunt, cousin, and aunt, and hi-jinks ensued!!

We basted and pinned a queen-sized quilt that was a wedding present for my cousin's brother, sewed the border of said quilt, painted quilt blocks (with the aforementioned and linked paints), ate lunch, and visited.

I haven't seen any of them (except my step-mom) since mid-November, so it was nice to get to catch up.

I took a finished quilt and an in-progress quilt that I'm currently hand-quilting to show them and they were all really impressed.

I'm really hoping to be able to make yesterday's adventure a monthly thing, but we'll have to see!!

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