Thursday, May 17, 2012

I joined CrazyMom's project sew along!!

Here's my list:
  1. Safari baby rag quilt
  2. Textile Eeyore Softie-(Cari?)
  3. Buttoned front, tied back quilt-(Topie)
  4. Girly Camo Bunnies w/ parasols quilt-(Jem)
  5. Cousin's goddaughter's lightweight quilt-(Allyss)
  6. Doll quilt-(Sale or Allis)
  7. Re-size scrappy quilt-(Logan)
  8. Porky Pig backed boy quilt-(Xander)
  9. Flannel circles, denim squares quilt-(Dru)
  10. Denim Picnic quilt-(Us, for the kids on park days)
  11. Bruised Bento Box(Purple & Black)-(Doug)
  12. Rag Denim Wood Tones-(Tim & Tasha)
  13. Baby #3 quilt-(Baby is due beginning of August...won't know gender until baby is here...)

I have quite a few others, but we'll start with these & go from there!!


  1. Any pictures of the Bento Box quilt? Would love to see it!

    1. I actually only have 1 block done so far...

      I'll be sure to post some pics after I get some more done.