Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally accomplishing something...

I decided to just quilt Henry's quilt going one way. So I finished sooner than I had expected to...

I also FINALLY finished basting the batting for Maddy's quilt. So, I can FINALLY finish her quilt. I can't seem to apologize enough to Cindy for how long her order has taken me.
She gave me the order and mailed me the first installment of money in March 2009! I should've been done w/ them at a MAXIMUM of 2 months later, (there were 2 quilts).
I told her not to worry about the remaining approx. $30 for the materials, since it's taken me SO long to FINALLY finish her quilts, I told her I wouldn't feel right taking the money.

Well, off to bed again. Tobi just passed out again, so I will too!

Hope you all had a good yesterday, good night, and good today.

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