Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's success!

I was able to go by JoAnn's, and luckily(for me) someone wasn't doing their job right, cause all the stuff I had collected yesterday in a carrying basket was still in that basket, right where I left it.

I took my printout to the front of the store with all of my stuff, and was able to get most of it on sale, so instead of paying $50.58, I only had to pay, $37.35, which even though the card was a gift, I'm glad I saved, cause I still have $8.85 on the card.

After we arrived home, I proceeded to get all my sewing storage boxes out and put everything away. So now everything is put away, and organized in "hand-sewing stuff" and "machine-sewing stuff".

I'm still in a euphoric

Hope you all had an awesome day too!

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