Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today's JoAnn's excursion...

Okay, so we went to JoAnn's, and I found all my stuff, except the last 2 items. I asked a sales associate for help to find the last 2 items, and she showed me where they were.

As I picked up the last item, the thread organizer box, I mentioned the sale from the JoAnn's website to the sales associate, and she said that online sales are not always the same as in-store sales.

So, it turns out that I went around the store(for almost an hour) collecting everything from my list, just to have to leave all the stuff in the carrying basket.

I explained that I found all the stuff online on a 30% off sewing notions sale, and the sales associate told me that if I bring in a printout of the items on sale, that they'll match at least some of the sale items.

I tried buying the stuff online, but the website is apparently broken, so hopefully we'll be able to go sometime tomorrow.

I went on the site an hour or so ago, and almost nothing was still on sale, so I'm hoping that if we can go to JoAnn's tomorrow, and I show them the printout, they'll sell me the stuff at the sale prices.

Wish me luck!

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