Monday, January 11, 2010

My next purchase, and current dealings...

I'm going to wait until JoAnn's has another sale on rotary cutting products, then I'm gonna get a LARGE cutting mat, cause the 6"x 17" cutting mat and the foldable 24"x 14" cutting mat (Jewell's) aren't cutting it...please excuse the pun.

I'll probably also get some rotary cutting rulers then too...but I'm waiting for a sale, and for Nato's job, so I can start saving my allowance from him.

I'm planning on trying out my machine quilting gloves, and a few other of my new sewing "toys" today...I've already tried my thread cutting pendant, and it works great. It even looks cute. Made in Japan, so it's good quality.

I also already put it on a cord, so I am a really geeky quilter now...well, I guess I kinda already was, as I'm making my husband a Tetris/original NES controller
So, HA!

I'm thinking I might tie this quilt...I have all the accouterments to do it, except the tying thread...but Meme has some she said I could have.

I'd be matching the ties to the piece of'd be interesting...not sure which side I'll have the tails come out on yet, though.


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